Industrial Accidents, Injuries, Lost Time In Kuwait Oil Sector Less Than Average
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The classification of the Kuwaiti oil sector in terms of the rate of industrial accidents, injuries and lost time, recorded during the last year was less than the average of similar oil companies operating globally, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources.

The sources indicated that the average accident injuries of the international oil companies operating in the exploration and production companies are more than seven times recorded by the Kuwaiti exploration and production sector.

On the other hand, the rate of accident injuries in the refining and manufacturing sector amounted to 30 percent, compared to the record of the International Organization for Refining as an average of oil companies engaged in refining and manufacturing.

As for oil spills, 550 barrels of oil were lost in exploration and production sector over the past year, while the average oil spills recorded by the International Organization for oil and gas producers in the world is equivalent to 1,870 barrels. Oil spills in Kuwait’s refining and processing sector, in turn, reached 1 barrel last year, lower than the average of oil spills recorded by the International Organization of Refining of Oil Refining and Manufacturing Companies (478 barrels).

Despite the number of accidents and leaks in the past year in the oil sector, whether large or small were directly or indirectly in the exploration, production or refining and manufacturing sectors.

The Kuwaiti oil sector accidents in this dangerous industry remain in the ranks of countries at the least according to the International Organization for oil and gas producers.

The sources pointed out that the Petroleum Corporation is seeking to follow the standards and controls security systems and safety for the prevention and reduction of accidents in light of this complex industry, the size of projects and employment, as well as contractors and different nationalities and cultures, which gives an additional dimension to the risks associated with the operations of the Petroleum Corporation and its companies.

27 May, 2019 241
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