Kuwait Finance House Hires 80 Kuwaitis In One Day

07 April 2019 Business

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has organized the largest Kuwaiti youth recruitment event where it hired 80 young Kuwaitis out of a total of 150 job applications.

This confirms its leadership in attracting and qualifying national youth cadres and reflects its localization efforts and the comprehensive strategy it follows to develop and provide talents with training. During the two-day event, held at the Millennium Hotel, KFH received and assessed job applications through interviews that covered role playing, proficiency, behavioral testing, personal excellence and important skills.

A dedicated KFH team comprising HR officials and region managers from the retail banking, conducted the interviews. The recent initiative refl ects KFH’s keenness to strengthen its position as one of the private sector leaders in recruiting, qualifying and providing success elements for the young Kuwaitis.

Since national employees comprise one of the most important elements of sustainable development, KFH also provides the opportunity to build a successful career and assume leadership positions in the future. As a continuous strategy, Kuwaitis’ recruitment and development at KFH are supported by the growth opportunities and the large market share it enjoys, which requires national cadres to achieve success in all areas.

KFH participated in various public and private job fairs in Kuwait, aiming at attracting, training and qualifying the distinguished national human resources, defining the labor market, the available job opportunities, the nature of Islamic banking and private sector environment.

KFH participated in the 24th Kuwait University Career Fair, which was organized by the College of Business Administration. It also took part in the 21st Career Fair organized by the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). Recently, KFH has participated as a platinum sponsor in the exhibition “Because You Deserve 2 “ which was hosted by the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program.

Additionally, KFH is the only bank to launch the “Forsa” program for outstanding young Kuwaiti graduates to develop their skills and equip them with the highest standards to enter the job mark

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