Kuwait to Enter Safe Zone Within Two Months
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Kuwait now has two crucial months ahead of them to touch the safety doors in besieging the Corona epidemic, especially as it receives next Sunday a sixth batch of the Pfizer vaccine, and expectations that 800 thousand doses of the Oxford vaccine will arrive in batches starting from the beginning of next March, and with the vaccination of about 20 thousand people per day , Which indicates the vaccination of more than half a million monthly. 

Health officials revealed to "Al-Qabas" about extensive contacts by Ministry of Health officials with manufacturers of vaccines, especially those licensed to use in the country, to accelerate the pace of supply of shipments specified to Kuwait, and to set dates for their arrival. 

They said that the arrival of large quantities of the "Pfizer" and "Oxford" vaccines will contribute to the vaccination of about 600 thousand people, after medical recommendations to take the second dose of "Oxford" after periods ranging from 8 to 12 weeks, which is sufficient time for the arrival of other quantities of vaccines in the future.

They described the months of March, April and May as crucial to the lifetime of the Corona crisis in the country, with the escalation of the vaccination rate for all segments of society, and the Ministry of Health's announcement that hospitals, health centers and community clinics would be allowed to buy grafts from the local agent or producing companies after being licensed and approved by the Ministry, to provide the vaccination service, requesting One of those authorities is to complete the link with the online platform of the ministry before starting to provide the vaccination service. 

In the same context, the Ministry of Education announced that the committee responsible for the "Covid 19" vaccination campaign in the Ministry of Health had set up a mechanism to determine the priority of target groups for vaccination, and included all members of the educational and administrative staff in schools affiliated with "education" among the categories of workers in basic services and have priority for vaccination.



25 Feb, 2021 2061
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