Kuwait Deported 18,000 Expats - 12,000 men and 6,000 women
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The Indian expatriate community ranked first in the list of expatriates expelled from the country, this is revealed by an informed security source reports Al Qabas.

As per the statistics of Deportation center it stated that 18 thousand expatriates were deported since the beginning of this year 2019 until the end of last September, for various reasons, from these include violation of the law of residence and work, infectious diseases, involvement in criminal cases, in addition to traffic violations, and other cases.

The statistics revealed that total of 12 thousand men and 6 thousand women were deported, Indians occupied the first place with 5,000 expatriates of both sexes, followed by the Bangladeshi community with 2,500 expatriates, and the third place of the Egyptian community with 2,200 expatriates from both sexes.

The Nepali community ranked fourth with 2,100 expatriates, and the Ethiopian community came fifth with 1,700, and the sixth came the Syrians community with 1,400 expatriates, and the seventh came the Philippine community with 1,200 expatriates.

The rest came from different nationalities, including Arab, African, European and American.

The source revealed that among the deportees are expatriates who have contagious diseases, majority of diseases were due to “hepatitis”, in addition to some cases infected with AIDS.

Regarding the process carried out at the deportation center it succeeded in eliminating crowded atmosphere of detainees to the healthy atmosphere.

The source said that only 50 men and 8 women are currently in deportation center and are in process to be deported, and that the majority of those who were at deportation center has completed the task of their repatriation within three days, this has contributed greatly to reduce the burden on the detention center, police stations and MOI personnel.



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