Kuwait Cabinet Is Looking The Possibilities To Decrease Number Of Expats In The Country
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The Kuwait Cabinet is considering a mechanism to deal with the defects of the population structure in the country, reports Al Anbaaa daily. There are more than 4 million residents of Kuwait but only around 1.5 million citizens. According to daily, some of the possible mechanisms include granting three months grace periods for absconders to adjust their status with increasingly absconding fines to KD 5 per day. Other possible regulations may include placing a maximum limit on the stay of expatriates.

The plan also calls for activating the fingerprint system at borders to prevent those facing a travel ban from exiting the country and those blacklisted from returning to Kuwait. It also calls for adopting the quota system to set a maximum ceiling of labor. It also calls for halting all unlicensed activities while encouraging citizens to get into productive sectors. 



24 Sep, 2015 1794
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