Kuwait Army Chief Expresses Pride In Soldiers Over State Supports Efforts
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The Chief of the General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army, Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Khidr, expressed on Friday his pride and pride in the Kuwaiti army men for their important and honorable role in supporting the ministries and institutions of the state through the implementation of their duties assigned to them.
The Greens team also expressed, in a speech transmitted by a press statement to the Directorate of Moral Guidance and Public Relations of the Kuwaiti army after his visit to a medical examination center for the virus (Corona Newspaper – Covid 19) at Abdullah Al Mubarak Air Base, sincere thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to this work and to all workers in Front rows.

Al-Khidr called on the Almighty in these blessed days to lift this scourge from us and to keep Kuwait under the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir of the country, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God protect him and his pastors, His Highness the Prime Minister, and His Highness the Prime Minister, may God protect them.

The statement stated that upon arriving at the base, the Greens team was received by the head of the Medical Services Authority, Dr. Abdullah Meshaal Al-Sabah, and the assistant commander of the Air Force, Brigadier General Pilot Dakhil Al-Mutairi, where he listened to a brief presented by the commander of the Medical Examination Center, Colonel Dr. Khaled al-Balushi, who spoke about the procedures followed and the stages The military or citizens who will be evacuated from abroad, which starts with the sorting, passes through them, and after that their data is entered and followed by the examination stage by taking a swab from them and ending with the evacuation phase.

Colonel Al-Balushi explained that the establishment of this center came with the concerted efforts of the Air Force, the military installations engineering sector and the Signal Corps, as it was accomplished within 42 working hours and an area of ​​1050 square meters.

For his part, Head of the Medical Services Authority, Dr. Abdullah Meshal Al-Sabah, indicated that this center was established under the directives of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Ahmed Mansour Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to examine the soldiers who will be evacuated and also to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health in examining the coming citizens.
The visit was attended by a number of senior commanders of the Air Force and the Medical Services Authority.



25 Apr, 2020 821
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