KU Professor Stressed The Students To Avoid Their Relatives To Interfere In School Matters
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Dean of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University Professor Abdullatif Al-Khulaifihas stressed the need for students to avoid bringing their relatives and guardians to interfere in school matters or attempt to accompany them to teachers’ offices to deal with educational affairs such as courses, examinations and grades, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Khulaifi reiterated that bringing guardians to the school to meet with professors is unacceptable and the College Council issued a circular in this regard to protect professors from probable abuse, problems and pressure. He clarified guardians are welcome at certain times such as graduation ceremonies and the like. He blasted some students for bringing their parents and guardians to the college to deal with academic issues, indicating that bringing outside parties to the college only create more problems rather than solutions.

He said his office and that of the vice deans and heads of departments are always open to students; asserting any student who has issues, queries or complaint should come in person. “If they have been deprived of their rights, we will make sure they get them back in full,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Parasitology Professor at the Basic Education College in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) Dr Bahija Behbehani said the most common problem being faced by the authority is the rising number of admissions annually which surpasses the available of human and material resources, reports Al-Shahed daily.

In an interview with the daily, Behbehani mentioned an incident when a number of students did not find seats during a lecture and they were left with no option but to attend the lecture standing. She attributed the poor quality of scientific researches in PAAET and Kuwait University to some professors who prepare these researches just for the sake of getting promotion. She said there is no system or public policy on scientific researches in the country, pointing out that innovative researchers are neglected by government bodies and the private sector. She added it is high time to separate applied education from training because each sector has its own directives, objectives and vision.


01 Mar, 2017 822
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