KPC Announces Ramadan Timings
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Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries issued a circular specifying the number of working hours during Ramadan. The working hours during the month of Ramadan is limited to 6 hours from 9 am to 3 pm, Al Anbaa reported.

The circular issued by the CEO of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Walid Al-Badr, stated that the working hours during the month of Ramadan for employees who work during the morning shift are from 9 am to 3 pm, provided that each employee completes 6 full and continuous working hours.

The working hours of the employees working in shifts according to the work schedules is unchanged. The employees working for additional 2 hours would be compensated for the additional hours they work in addition to the six hours scheduled during the month of Ramadan.

It should be noted that some employees may be required to work more than the schedule of special working hours during Ramadan, and in this case, they will be paid an additional work allowance in exchange for the additional work hours that are authorized.



08 Apr, 2021 1610
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