KIA Officer Gets 7years Jail In Attempted Rape Of Foreigner
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The Criminal Court sentenced a security officer of Kuwait International Airport to seven year imprisonment and dismissed him from his work after he was convicted of attempted rape of a foreign inspector (woman).

He was also ordered to pay temporary compensation worth KD 5,001. During interrogations, the security officer explained that he did not intend to harm the plaintiff. By virtue of his work, he succeeded in luring her to the inspection room, but she sought help from her friends who came to her rescue.

According to security sources, the security officials at the new passenger terminal of Kuwait International Airport heard screams coming from the security inspection room while they were busy performing their work. They immediately set out to check on the situation, and found one of their colleagues tightening his grip on a foreign inspector who was crying and had collapsed.

They managed to free the victim from him, arrested him, and took him to the airport’s police custody. The victim said during investigations that the officer summoned her to the inspection room, and as soon as she entered, he closed the door and started groping her, prompting her to raise the alarm for help.



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