KBA Has Hired The Services Of Oliver Wyman Company To Provide The Bank Business Management Consultations
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The Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) has hired the services of Oliver Wyman Company to provide the bank business management consultations to evaluate the present work strategy of the bank including the local clientele’s view of the banks, reports Al-Rai daily.

Oliver Wyman helps companies develop corporate strategies to identify and realize opportunities for growth. Whether evaluating a merger, acquisition, investment, or divestiture opportunity. The sources pointed out the targeted strategy include defining the sources of worry for the clients in addition to supplying the banks with detailed perspective they need to make decisions in any business environment and ways to find solutions to such.


The sources added, the targeted strategy includes the ways to raise the level of the baking performance in addition to enhancing the communication of the banks with the clients. The sources went on to say in spite of the soc strategy  ial activities carried out by the banks in terms of enhancing the national economy and adopting sustainable policy, they are still in need of re-evaluating their performance and finding ways to develop their services.


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