Justice Ministry Awards Disciplinary Penalty To Staff In Various Offenses
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In an unprecedented step, the Sentences Enforcement Department in the Ministry of Justice has imposed disciplinary sanctions against 450 employees in all its departments and deprived them from promotion for committing several offenses and one of them is arriving late for work, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to reliable sources senior officials from the judiciary had time and again stressed on the commitment to punctuality and no tolerance of absenteeism and list was being prepared in this regard.

It has been reported several employees were late comers and others who had left their desks without permission or those who had abstained from work without permission.

The same sources added: “The Minister of Justice has taken this decision which is believed to be the first of its kind according to which employees in their hundreds have been punished.”

The sources pointed out that one third of the employees are from the Sentences Enforcement Department – 450 of the total 1,500, including punitive measures of referring 3 bribery crimes to the Public Prosecution.



23 Dec, 2018 384
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