Jordanian Man Kills His Elder Sister Who Got Pregnant

05 October 2023 Middle East News

In a case of so-called 'honour killing,' a young Jordanian woman was shot dead by her brother in Kerak on Monday for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

The 22-year-old man surrendered himself and the gun to police shortly after he shot his 29-year-old sister 13 times, confessing to murdering her to 'cleanse the family's honor'. The Criminal Court on Tuesday charged the suspect with premeditated murder.

A judicial source said the victim was caught on camera throwing a bag containing a seven-month-old baby in a garbage disposal almost a month before the murder. Later, she was kept at a government facility by the administrative governor to protect her from any possible danger or retaliation from her family.

Later, DNA tests were conducted on both the victim and the dead baby. She was confirmed as the biological mother.

The suspect signed a guarantee not to harm his sister on the day of the murder when he sought the release of his sister from the administrative governor's office.

As soon as they entered the family home, he shot his sister. He told investigators that he had borrowed the gun from a friend a week before the murder. The victim’s family were at home in another room when the tragedy happened.

He has been detained at a correctional and rehabilitation facility for 15 days, pending further investigation.


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