Joining The GCC Tax Pact On Harmful Commodities Is Stalled In Kuwait's Parliament

28 November 2023 Kuwait

Essa Al-Kandari, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for National Assembly and Cabinet Affairs, asked the Assembly to approve Kuwait's joining the GCC agreement to impose a tax on harmful commodities. Due to MPs' rejection of all kinds of taxes, the government decided to withdraw the request.

In addition, the Assembly discussed the 11th report of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee on the proposed amendments to the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Law. MP Dawoud Maarefi, the committee's rapporteur, explained that the proposal seeks to expand the control of the KCCI by the commerce and industry minister, specifying how the chamber can receive foreign donations, specifying how to spend the chamber's cash, and making membership optional rather than mandatory.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Muhammad Al-Aiban stressed that this proposal represents a political turning point and a fruit of government-parliament cooperation. KCCI's Board of Directors may be dismissed according to the proposal, and the government will be fully responsible for supervising the chamber. Hassan Jawhar, MP, said the current version of the law gives KCCI full control over the entire State, indicating that KCCI has adopted the feudal system. The KCCI must be obligated to refund all illegally collected money, he said.

Adel Al Damkhi, MP, said KCCI is a State within a State since it controls both legislative and executive powers. As a result of the revised version of the law, he believes traders will be kept out of decision-making, clarifying not all traders are corrupt.

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