Jail For Kuwaiti Citizen Annulled
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The Criminal Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Salah Al-Houti has ruled to annul the three-year imprisonment sentence issued against a Kuwaiti citizen. It instead refrained from pronouncing penalty against him, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the case file, a family dispute erupted between the accused, his wife and her brother when the latter went to the defendant’s house and left with his sister (the wife) and her children.

This caused the accused (the husband) to chase them in a car and shoot them in a marathon chase on the street. During the court session, Lawyer Meshari Al-Nuwayef, representing the accused, pleaded in his defense, explaining the impossibility of conceiving the incident and the absence of charges due to the absence of definitive or technical evidence. He indicated the existence of a weapon used in addition to the contradiction of witnesses’ statements.

In his comment on this ruling, Al- Nuwayef said the court had read the case and concluded from insight that the incident had a different shape than what was written in the papers, so it decided to cancel the ruling. This affirms its keenness to apply the law in order to achieve justice. Earlier, the Court of First Instance had issued a three-year prison sentence against the accused for the charges brought against him. It was appealed at the Court of Appeal, which ruled to annul the sentence and refrained from pronouncing punishment against the accused.



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