Issue Of Fake Accounts And ‘Twitter Mafia’ Surfaced Again During The Cabinet Meeting
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The issue of fake accounts and ‘Twitter mafia’ surfaced again during the Cabinet meeting on Monday where the government discussed steps to pursue and confront them, especially in the midst of the rising wave of discontent and public dissatisfaction with fraud and false news published by social media, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily learned that the Council has instructed the concerned parties to present their practical perceptions on ways to deal with these abusive accounts and prosecute them, both inside and outside the country.

While the issue of Atij Messian and Mafia Twitter and the mock accounts reveal a large network of interlocking parties in Kuwait and abroad targeting personalities and officials in the state, informed sources confirmed that the government has requested urgent and effective action to follow and to prosecute abusive accounts inside Kuwait through the concerned authorities, and outside Kuwait through coordination between the local authorities and their counterparts in other countries and take the necessary legal action towards them. The sources said there is a serious intention to prosecute any external parties which prove their involvement.



28 Aug, 2019 277
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