Iranian Robber Arrested

03 October 2016 Crime News

An Iranian expatriate was arrested by security operatives for theft following complaints detectives at Shuwaikh Vocational Zone police station received from several individuals who were robbed of the cash they withdrew from a bank. General Department of Public Relations and Security Media stated a team of officers was formed upon directives from the acting Director of Criminal Investigation Brigadier Muhammad Al-Sharhan after the report and investigation led to Iranian national Lafta Mehaisen Jalali born in 1962.

The suspect is said to have stalked his victims to their destinations before robbing them of their possessions. The police managed to trace him to Bneid Al-Qar area and arrested him around mid-day inside the vehicle he used in perpetrating the crime. He admitted the offense.

Guarded by search warrant, securitymen raided his home and recovered an unspecified sum, which he had hidden inside a vacuum cleaner. He was referred to the relevant authority for further investigation.



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