Iran … Victory Is Not To Go To War
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THE Iranian escalation reached new and sensitive levels when it implemented its threat through the enrichment of uranium more than the permitted amount as per the infamous nuclear deal, while French President Emmanuel Macron considered exiting from the deal a defeat for everyone.


The Mullah regime continues to implement the bullying policy and challenge the international community, while the European Union is pleading for a breakthrough to lessen the intensity of the sanction which negatively affects every aspect of life in Iran.

Iran does not need such clamor which only makes it more globally isolated, steering clear of its transformation into a major economic power within a few years. This would have been achieved if Iran’s leaders worked in accordance with religious tenets which they adopted as the motto of their republic.

However, the personal vendetta spirit which moves them, and perhaps to be sure that their people will not accept them because Iranians tasted freedom for decades before the fateful revolution, made this great nation linger in the dark for the past four decades.

Today, pressure on Iran is intensifying. Its leaders believe that political bullying will lead them to victory; but in reality, this regime has been proven to be misguided. It did not learn from the past experiences of other countries.

If Tehran’s leaders are seeking to clone North Korea’s experience, they have to realize that the end of Pyongyang led to major starvation of its people; thereby, prompting its leaders to heed and implement conditions set by the international community. This is manifested in the meetings of its leader with the US president and other leaders.

This came after Pyongyang gradually abandoned its nuclear military ambitions, dismantled its nuclear facilities and accepted the international community’s conditions regarding ballistic missiles.

Iran has significantly benefited from North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic programs, although it remains very far from where North Korea’s nuclear program has reached.

If Iran placed its bet on the policies that Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein adopted, it should look at the impact of such policies on Iraq.

Saddam Hussein filled the world with threats and mere braggadocio about what is known as ‘compound chemical’, that he could burn half of Israel and his invasion of Kuwait; but at the end, he was holed up in a ditch at a farm in Iraq from where he was taken and executed after he was put on trial for the crimes he committed.

The only way to rescue Iranians from the claws of starvation is for its leaders to return to their senses. Every time the level of sanction increases, the more the Iranians suffer. Consequently, Iran is on the verge of civil war which no one in the region wishes to happen due to its negative impact on the region.

Hence, Tehran’s leaders should realize that bullying is a childish act and it will only lead to destruction, especially since the alarms of war keeps on ringing in the region. The US and its allies continue to gather in a bid to redeem the region from the evil of war whose only losers are the people of Iran.

All that is left to say is: The most notable victories are wars which countries do not wage. The Mullahs should be aware of this.

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