IOC Ignored All Attempts By Kuwait To Lift Sports Ban Stalls
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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) ignored all attempts by Kuwait to lift the ban imposed on the Kuwaiti sports activities, In response to the letter sent by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting State Minister for Youth Affairs Khalid Al-Roudhan on Aug 6, the IOC highlighted its conditions and the negative actions that had led to the ban. IOC only showed flexibility in hosting a meeting at its headquarters in Lausanne to discuss the lifting of the ban, but presented strict conditions, ignoring to comment on the new sports law sent to it by Kuwait.

In its reply, the IOC stipulated the immediate reinstatement of the board of directors of the dissolved Kuwaiti Olympic Committee chaired by Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd, as well as members of the boards of the national federations and their recognized clubs, that is to say the return of the old boards in full and cancellation of the appointed interim committees.

The IOC also called for the withdrawal of cases against it and the federations, as well as completion of the review and amendment of the law applicable to sports bodies in Kuwait, in conformity with the Olympic Charter and the laws of international sports federations.

The committee also mentioned that, in the event of fulfilling the three above mentioned conditions, a meeting will be held in Lausanne in the presence of the Kuwaiti authorities and the Olympic Movement, particularly the International Olympic Committee, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and the dissolved Kuwaiti Olympic Committee recognized by IOC.

This means the Kuwaiti delegation can directly confront the parties about the crisis and their representatives from the people of Kuwait. Kuwait, represented by Minister Al-Roudhan, has shown great flexibility regarding the three conditions of the International Olympic Committee within available limits, but it has been met by strictness from the Olympic Movement.

The State of Kuwait has moved towards withdrawing the cases filed overseas against international organizations but it cannot move internally because cases are in the custody of independent judiciary.

Regarding the reinstatement of the dissolved boards, the government of Kuwait is facing a legal dilemma due to the end of the term of the appointed boards on Aug 25, which gives the general assemblies the power to form new boards or bring back the previous boards by force of law, considering that the lawsuits in this regard are still in courts.

As for the amendment to the law, Kuwait, after carrying out extensive study and receiving approval from the Parliament’s Youth and Sports Committee, sent the new sports law to the IOC but did not receive any response or an invitation to discuss the law.



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