Investors Can Complete Transaction In Any Center
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The companies sector in Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued a decision to instruct all centers of the ministry in all governorates of Kuwait to complete all transactions of investors regardless of the location of the company.

Through the website of the ministry, the investor can choose any center closest to him to complete his transactions, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources.

They indicated that the measures in this regard include “amendments to the founding contracts, entry and exit of partners, change of company title, addition of new activities, completion of budgets, increase or reduction of capital, and other procedures”

The sources said, in the past, transactions were linked to the title of the company, resulting in severe pressure on some centers, but the new procedures will expedite completion of transactions and save time for the investors, as well as relieve the pressure faced by the centers of Ministry of Commerce and Industry in some governorates where there is increased rate of issuance of commercial licenses, as compared to other centers that receive few transactions.

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