Interior Ministry To Pay KD10,000 Compensation
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The Cassation Court obliged the Interior Ministry to pay KD10,000 compensation to a person accused of involvement in the State security case known as ‘Arifjan Case’ after his acquittal. Details of the case showed that investigations conducted by State security officers unveiled a terrorist plan to bomb Arifjan Camp the American army base in Kuwait by parking two booby-trapped trucks in the camp and then blow them up to kill a lot of people. Several suspects were arrested in 2009. They were detained in State security and solitary cells.

They were later put on trial during which the allegations were proven false. Attorney Sultan Al-Mundeel, lawyer for one of the suspects, filed a civil lawsuit against the undersecretary of the ministry. He demanded compensation for the material and moral damages that his client suffered because of the investigations and time spent in prison. The Civil Court approved the demand of Al-Mundeel to grant his client KD10,000 compensation and the verdict was upheld by the Appeals and Cassation courts.



18 Jul, 2016 2370
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