Intensive Probe Launched To Identify Culprit In Hawalli Bank Armed Theft
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The Criminal Investigations Department of Ministry of Interior has launched an extensive investigation into the identity of an unknown man who carried out an armed robbery in broad daylight at a Gulf Bank branch in Hawally area, escaping with KD 5,000, reports Al-Anba daily.

Security sources clarified that the identity of the suspect is not determined to be an Egyptian. Since the thief was careful to utter five or six explicit Egyptian words, it is deemed that he could have intentionally used the Egyptian dialect to distract attention from his real identity.

By listening to the recordings, it seems the suspect deliberately used the local and Egyptian dialects, which likely means the culprit prepared well in advance for the crime. Camera records show the suspect, after leaving the bank branch, entered one of the nearby buildings and then went out to enter another building and then to a nearby market, after which he disappeared.

All the buildings entered by the thief were combed and no women clothes (abaya and niqab) were found inside. At the same time, the source refused to confirm if the weapon used by the culprit was a “toy pistol”, stressing that such matters would be clarified after the arrest of the suspect.

The daily revealed that the Criminal Investigations Department plans to summon people with criminal records in order to find a thread that could lead to the arrest of the suspect. The Gulf Bank expressed gratitude to Ministry of Interior and other security authorities for their quick response.



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