Insurance Firm Must Pay Complete Compensation
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Civil Circuit at the First Instance Court dismissed lawsuit filed by an insurance company to oblige a citizen to pay KD 118,000 (half the sum of insurance paid to an accident victim).

In defense of the citizen, Attorney Abdullah Al-Alandah said his client caused a traffic incident through which a child suffered permanent disability, and guardian of the child sued for compensation due to moral and material damages incurred by the child. The court thereby obliged the insurance company to pay KD 236,000 to the guardian. However, the insurance company filed another lawsuit asking the court to oblige the citizen settle half of the sum spent on his behalf but he refused, and the court dismissed the case.

Citizen acquitted: The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Counselor Hamad Al-Wazzan acquitted a citizen and fined 4 others for fighting over a girl. Public Prosecutor charged the 2nd and 5th defendants for physically assaulting the 1st defendant and causing him injury as indicated in a medical report, while the 1st defendant was accused of forcing a girl into immoral acts and verbally abusing the 5th defendant in public, and causing damage to his vehicle. Attorney Abdulmohsin Al-Qattan in defense of the fifth defendant argued that evidences presented against his client should be comprehensive and consistent to help the court issue a firm decision.



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