Institutional Quarantine For 1st Batch Of Domestics Ends
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General Manager of National Aviation Services (NAS) Mansour Al-Khazaim has confirmed the end of the institutional quarantine for the first batch of domestic workers who returned to Kuwait directly from the Philippines, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press statement, Al-Khazaim revealed these domestic workers are with their sponsors now as they have completed the 14-day mandatory institutional quarantine period for workers returning from the banned countries. He said the first batch consists of 28 Filipino domestic workers who completed the necessary procedures upon arrival at Kuwait International Airport through the BelSalamah. com platform

These workers underwent preliminary PCR test before leaving the Philippines through the MUNA technology, which gives the passengers information on laboratories accredited by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for conducting PCR test in the Philippines, he added. He affirmed the workers complied with all the instructions upon their arrival and the second PCR test was conducted by an accredited laboratory in Kuwait.

Upon completion of the institutional quarantine period, a third PCR test was performed before referring the workers to their sponsors, he disclosed. He also stressed that the plan for the return of domestic workers is implemented, along with the highest level of precautionary health measures, to guarantee the stability of health conditions in Kuwait. He explained the procedures include three PCR tests and quarantine for a period of 14 days in hotels where the workers are provided with meals, drinks, laundry services and WiFi.

He said all these steps are being taken in close coordination with various departments in the Ministry of Health. He thanked the concerned authorities for the tremendous efforts they have been exerting since the beginning of the corona crisis, including the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). He also affirmed the arrival of another batch of Filipino domestic workers who will complete the institutional quarantine period next week.

He said the same precautionary health measures are being taken; such that these workers undergo regular checkups and they will be allowed to leave the quarantine places only if they test negative for corona. He went on to say that NAS developed and modernized the BelSalamah. com platform to ease procedures for the return of domestic workers from 34 countries classified as high risk for Kuwait in accordance with Article 20 of the Residency Law. He asserted the platform greatly contributes to ongoing efforts to ensure that the returning domestic workers are Covid-free; hence, it helps protect other passengers, airport staff and Kuwaiti sponsors in general. The platform also helps in meeting travel requirements in the time of coronavirus while reducing the waiting period, he concluded.



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