Indian Passport Holders With A Single Name Not Allowed To Fly To The UAE
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From November 21, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has changed its entry rules for international travellers. Indian airlines like Air India and IndiGo have issued statements informing travellers about the change.

A passport holder with a single name (word), either in their surname or given name, will not be accepted by UAE immigration and will be considered INAD (inadmissible).

According to the airline, passengers with first and last names on their passports will not receive a visa; if a visa was previously issued, the individual will be regarded as inadmissible.

Passengers holding a visit visa, visa on arrival, employment visa, or temporary visa will not be affected by this new rule.

The airline also said that passengers with a single name on their passport who are traveling on a tourist, visit, or any other type of visa will not be allowed to enter or exit the UAE.

In response to UAE authorities' instructions, passengers with a single name on their passport traveling on a tourist, visit or any other type of visa shall not be allowed to travel to/from UAE starting on 21st November 2022.


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