India Signs Air Transport Bubble Agreement With Kuwait
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India and Kuwait have signed a transport bubble agreement which will enable air carriers to uplift stranded passengers both to and from India.

However, since Kuwait has issued a temporary ban of return travel from 7 countries, which indcludes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Banlgadesh and Iran, stranded passengers from India will not be able to fly into Kuwait.

India has also signed transport bubble agreements with USA, Germany France and UAE recently to enable gradual movement of passenger traffice during Covid-19 situation.

Since the flight suspension period in India the country has approved more than 2500 repatraition flights for foreign carriers to uplift standed passengers to/from India.

Nationals from the 7 banned countries can enter Kuwait after a spending a quarantine period of 14 days outside these countries before being allowed to enter into Kuwait.

Meanwhile, the DGCA of India extended the suspension of scheduled international flights to and from the country till August 31.

According to senior government officials, the ban was extended as it would take some more time for India to prepare before it can resume scheduled international operations.

31 Jul, 2020 0 7032
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