In Gaza, A Palestinian Teacher In Kuwait Loses All 11 Members Of Her Family

14 October 2023 Middle East News

In the Israeli bombardment of Gaza Strip on Wednesday, a Palestinian teacher in Kuwait lost 11 members of her family.

After arriving in Kuwait just two months ago, Areej Qanan grieved the loss of her entire family. Among those perished were her father, mother, sisters, brother and his wife.

A show of solidarity was demonstrated by Dr Adel Al Mane, Minister of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research, who called Qanan to express Kuwait's support for the Palestinians.

Al Mane assured the bereaved teacher that he supports all Gaza Strip and occupied territories teachers working in Kuwait. He also paid tribute to the Palestinian martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defence of their homeland and cause.

During the Israeli strikes, the minister expressed his solidarity with Palestinian teachers who lost members of their families.

A large number of Palestinian teachers live and work in Kuwait, especially from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


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