In 2023, Kuwait Airport Reported 15.6 Million Passengers

28 January 2024 Travel

In a recent announcement on Sunday, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation disclosed that the cumulative passenger movement to and from Kuwait International Airport for the year 2023 has reached a total of 15,616,800 passengers.

Imad Al-Jalawi, Acting Director General of Civil Aviation, provided details in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). He highlighted a substantial increase in passenger traffic, noting a rise of 26 percent, alongside a 23 percent increase in aircraft traffic. Additionally, air cargo traffic experienced a 3 percent boost, marking significant growth over the year 2023 compared to the preceding year.

Breaking down the passenger movement, Al-Jalawi specified that arrivals in 2023 amounted to 7,932,222 passengers, while departures accounted for 7,684,578 passengers. The total aircraft movement to and from Kuwait International Airport during this period reached 128,584 flights, showcasing a notable surge from the 104,147 flights recorded in 2022.

Regarding air freight movement, Al-Jalawi provided insights into substantial cargo operations. The total freight movement in 2023 reached approximately 210 million kilograms, with incoming freight movement totaling about 170 million kilograms. Outgoing freight movement amounted to approximately 40.3 million kilograms during the same period.

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