Imported Eggs Cover The Market
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The Ministry of Trade succeeded in solving the egg crisis by allowing it to be imported from several countries, in addition to the importers ’support for it, against the background of the General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries executing 2.5 million laying hens last month, for being infected with bird flu, which deprived the market of 7500 cartons per day of eggs The fresh average of 2.7 million eggs per day.

Al-Rai treported that the availability of eggs imported from Jordan and Turkey, at a price of 1,200 per layer, in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The seller, Mr. Azizi, said that eggs are available in Al-Farda, as they are imported from Jordan and Turkey and are in large size, pointing out that the imported eggs in the market are fresh and with a new date.

He explained that the Ministry of Trade observers are present in the market to monitor prices, and despite the large withdrawal of eggs, especially during the month of Ramadan, the importer is now covering the market’s needs.

It is noteworthy that Kuwaiti eggs are available in a simple way, as 309 cartons are entered daily, produced by a local company, which was spared the execution of its white chickens, due to its presence in the Shagaya area, and far from the areas of infection in Al-Abdali and Al-Wafra.



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