How To Apply For 3 Months Visit Visa in Kuwait
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How to Apply Kuwait Visit Visa

You can apply visit visa for any of your family or relatives.

Your passport validity should be more than 6 months and Applicants passport validity should be also greater than 6 months
Your salary should be more than 250 KD

Step 1 – Apply for Relationship Affidavit - Go to your embassy and apply for relationship affidavit

 Documents Required – 1. Your Original Passport and Copy,

2. Your Original Civil ID and Copy,

3. Passport copies of each applicant

4. For each applicant you have to submit Copy of your Passport and Civil ID

Fill the application form either you can type it in embassy or any translation and typing centers.

Once you submit the form, you will get relationship affidavit with in few hours, you just need one relationship affidavit certificate either it is one or more applicants.


Step 2 – Visit any Ministry of Foreign Affairs office, I visited the one which is located in Liberation Tower, Second Floor

Take a 5 KD stamp and apply it on the back of Relationship Affidavit Certificate
Submit it, They will apply Ministry Stamp and will give it back to you with in few minutes


Step 3 – Go to any Typing and Translation center and ask them Visit Visa Application

Click Here to Find Typing and Translation Centers in Kuwait

They charge 1 KD for each applicantn or may be differ from place


Step 4 – Go to your governorate Immigration office and submit the application.

For each applicant you have to submit copy of your Passport, Civil ID, Salary Certificate and isnamil or Work Permit.
They will take original relationship affidavit certificate

They may ask you to come after few hours or next day


Step 5 – Visit immigration office , your visa will be ready to collect , Collect your visa apply 3 KD stamp on back of visit visa and give it back to the officer , he will stamp it for you.

Once visit visa is issued applicants has to travel within one month, after one month visa is invalid.
Visit visa validity is only 3 months  from the day applicant entered the country (but make sure you check how many days you got visit visa for one month or 3 months )
Send scan copy of the visit visa to the applicants

Step 6 - you have to submit Original visa at Airport.

At airport we have two services


Goverment Visa Collection Center  - When you enter Kuwait Internationl Airport  Terminal through  Arrivals and walk 100 meters you will find Ministry Visa Collection Services , it is beside marheb service.

They will take visa only before one hour of Flight Arrival , we cant give them one day or few hours before.

it's a free service


Marhab - When you enter Kuwait Internationl Airport through Arrivals and walk 100 meters you will find Marhab services on the right.

You can give them the visa and details of the flight , you can submit visa before one day.

They charge 5 KD per visa


Expiry - if any person stays more than one month , he has pay fine of 10 KD for each day


If you have any queries just comment, we will reply



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