How Do You Find Your Lost Phone?
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Finding the lost phone has become easy today, even if the battery is completely empty and the phone is turned off, along with other devices or things that often disappear from the house, such as “remote controls”, through the “Airtags” device produced by the company. Camel”.

The small device relies on the GPS tracking feature, to help you locate anything you want, as the device can be attached to various things, such as a phone, your pet’s collar, or even a remote control.

Despite the effectiveness of this device in tracking the phone, it raised security concerns, as it could be hung on a bag, for example, and track anyone, or installed on a car to be tracked and stolen later, according to Sky News Arabia.

The other way in which you can locate your mobile phone, even if it is switched off, is through the Find My feature available on iPhone devices.

It is noteworthy that the ability to rely on this feature to locate the phone if it is locked is only available on iPhone 11 and later versions, including all iPhone 11, 12 and 13 models, running iOS 15.

You can make sure that this feature is turned on, by going to Settings, then clicking on your name, then Find My. Here you must make sure that Find My iPhone, Find My Network, and Send Last Location are turned on. This last feature sends your phone’s location.





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