Hawalli Municipality: Lifting Neglected Cars And Boats At The Positions Of The Maritime People
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The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality announced that the General Cleaning and Road Works Department of the Hawalli Governorate branch has carried out a field tour of Al-Sha’b Marine Park, following a complaint related to leaving cars and boats at the parking lots of Al-Sha’b Marine Park.

The Director of the Public Cleaning and Road Works Department at the Governorate Municipality Branch, Muhammad Al-Jab’a, explained that the control team in the governorate municipality lifted 10 boats and 10 violating cars after the legal period for placing the poster had expired, indicating that all legal measures had been taken against the violators by sending the vehicles to the reservation site.

Al-Jab’a stated that the aim of the intensive field tours is to monitor violators, take all legal measures and deal with complaints received by the municipality, pointing out that the supervisory team at the Public Hygiene Department pays great attention to raising the level of hygiene in the areas under its responsibility as well as raising everything that distorts the aesthetic view and works to occupy The road in all regions, through the periodic field tours that it carries out to preserve the cultural landscape of the governorate.



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