Group Of Thieves Broke Into A Shop And Escaped With Expensive Watches And Jewelry
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The Criminal Investigations Department is exerting tremendous efforts to arrest a group of thieves who broke into a shop in a wellknown commercial complex and escaped with a large number of expensive watches and jewelry, reports Al- Anba daily.

The owner of the shop is a North American citizen. Police estimated the value of the loot at quarter of a million dinars. A security source said the shop owner did not point a finger of accusation at anyone.

The theft took place on Friday after the locks of the main door of the shop were broken. The source added the security officers are also interrogating the employees and have taken their statements.

The source added the guards of the complex will also be questioned; the CCTV footage will be reviewed and satellite technology will be used in connection with the use of cell phones at the crime scene and the timing of the crime.

The source said that the stolen valuables include 600 wrist watches and 330 pieces of expensive jewelry. The sources said the intelligence officers have connected a number of threads to the crime that can be useful enough to track down the robbers.

This is in addition to lifting the fingerprints from the crime scene. The sources say the robbers may have put the shop under surveillance for several days before carrying out the crime.

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