Govt Careful Before Imposing A Complete Curfew In The Country
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The official spokesman for the government Tariq Al-Mezrem said the cabinet was very carefully considering all views before imposing a complete curfew in the country. He said that the health authorities were working closely with the ministry of interior before taking the decision because they were aware of the repercussions of such a major decision.

Whether a complete curfew or area wise curfew, the decision will have a substantial impact and all options are being studied before their implementation. Kuwait is trying very hard to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country but last week saw a number of new cases which have put authorities in a dilemma on how to tackle its spread.

Kuwait was among the first countries in the region to take stringent measures such as closing down the airport, government offices, public  spaces, malls, entertainment halls, schools and all types of  parks and beaches.

So far the number of coronavirus infected cases were identified from abroad but during the last three days there has been a spike in locally transmitted cases which has alarmed the authorities as the country has more than 3.5 million expats and a large number of them living in densely populated areas which makes the spread easily transmittable.

The government has spared no effort in ensuring that residents and expats are safe and the health ministry directives are being strictly followed.

Kuwait is the only country in the Gulf region that has not recorded any deaths due to coronavirus, having recorded 317 cases so far out of which 80 have recovered and 237 are still under treatment and 14 in critical condition. Almost 2466 have been quarantined and the government is planning  to set up more centres and buildings to quarantine suspected cases.



02 Apr, 2020 0 5979
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