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The government developed a plan to address the demographic issues, consisting of many items, which were disclosed in a report prepared by a group of government agencies headed by the Ministry of Affairs. However, the plan did not set a timetable for implementation.

Executive Summary: Addressing imbalances in the labor market and their impact on the demographics, and it consists of annual data and statistics, from which conclusions were drawn and recommendations were drawn to address those imbalances. The solutions included two basic items , Short-term, and medium-term and long-term solutions.

With regard to Short Term solutions, the recommendations concluded:

1. Deportation of workers who violate the law, which number 120 thousand violators.

2. Reducing employment or those enrolling in a family of 150,000 over the age of 60 or suffering from chronic diseases.

3.Reducing illiterate or low-education workers, regardless of their level of work, which is 90,000

As for the Medium and Long-Term solutions, they included:

1. Employing technology and digital transformation (activating facilities management / reducing support workers).

2. Smart recruitment for expatriate workers (dealing with international agencies for recruitment / professional qualifications system).

3. Kuwaitization on of the public and private sectors (according to an integrated system of appointment, through the Tawteen portal)

The report stated that Medium and Long Term solutions target the following:

1. Localizing the public and private sectors with the gradual replacement of 160,000 jobs and reducing the flow to the government sector .

2. 370 thousand of workers with negative returns on the national economy or in violation of the law, are reduced by short-term plans

3. Reducing marginal employment and raising the quality of labor by the smart recruitment system. It is expected to reduce 25% according to this clause

4. Digital transformation leads to a 30% reduction in temporary work contracts in the government sector, and by using the facility management system, at least 25% of employment is reduced and its quality is raised

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