Government Stands Firm On Fingerprinting In Schools

14 February 2024 Education

A recent declaration from a government official has reiterated the resolve to introduce fingerprinting in educational institutions, stressing its alignment with a nationwide movement and its application throughout government entities. The source underlined that there will be no exemptions, underscoring the commitment to uphold decisions in the public's interest.

According to education insiders as reported by Al-Qabas daily, a majority of educators have already embraced the fingerprinting attendance system, which forms part of a broader initiative aimed at enhancing efficiency and fostering accountability. While acknowledging concerns surrounding flexible working hours, assurances are given that the implementation of the fingerprint system will cater to these needs without disadvantaging teachers.

Additionally, the Civil Service Commission's mandate extends to all government personnel, with exceptions only for disability cases. Previously, schools under the Ministry of Education were exempted until the installation of fingerprint devices linked to the central system.

The Ministry of Education has commenced the implementation of the fingerprinting system in schools, effective from February 11, emphasizing the importance of integrating information systems management to facilitate the process for all staff members.

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