Government Reject Case To Close Down Twitter
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Taking into account the freedom of press and expression and in confirmation to the government’s conviction to expand the level of freedoms in the country, high-level sources disclosed that the government will submit constitutional and legal justifications to the judiciary to reject the lawsuit to block Twitter in Kuwait, reports Al- Anba daily.

The sources explained that the government will take some new actions to put an end to fake accounts. The government is currently working on a mechanism, with the cooperation of the National Assembly, to close fake accounts in order to maintain the national unity and people’s dignity, Significant amendments have been made to the e-media law including tightening the penalties against fake accounts and accounts that provoke sedition. The fake accounts will be closed immediately in coordination with the Telecommunications Authority and Ministry of Interior as well as Twitter management.

Meanwhile, informed sources said the government will vote on the approval of the National Assembly to pass the second discussions concerning amendments to the labor law in the private sector. They explained that the amendments have two main advantages – the first is that Kuwaitis who work in the private sector deserve an annual paid leave not less than 30 days after working in that company for six months without considering Friday, Saturday and the official holidays as well as sick leaves accredited by the governmental bodies.

The second advantage is that Kuwaitis who work in the private sector are entitled to receive the full indemnity without deduction of any amounts by the employer in return for the subscription of workers in the Public Authority for Social Security during the citizens’ duty, provided that the appointment of his indemnity should be after working by the law No.6/2010.



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