Garbage, Waste Items Litter Many Areas In Abu Halifa
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A number of residents of Abu Halifa expressed concern about the bad condition of the streets in the area as well as the piled up garbage.

Both citizens and expatriates living in this area lamented that Abu Halifa has become a place of abode for stray dogs and cats due to lack of hygiene and negligence.

A Kuwaiti citizen Abu Jaber said the area suffers from the presence of large quantities of waste materials including constructional waste and other garbage that fill the open yards. Ha called upon the concerned state authorities to respond to their request and remove the piled up garbage.

Another citizen Abu Abdullah complained about the presence of fallen trees and different kinds of waste materials as well as the spread of marginal workers who can be seen wandering on the streets. Meanwhile, an expatriate Atif Abdulqader said he has been living in Abu Halifa for five years and see piled up garbage every day as well as abandoned vehicles and boats on the road pavements. He wondered why the concerned authorities especially Ministry of Public Works are not doing anything about this situation.

Also, Mohammad Wajdi said the lack of care for hygiene in the area is clearly evident from the increase in the number of stray dogs and cats. He indicated that the cleaners are not carrying out their task properly, adding that some drivers of garbage trucks have hit parked cars at night.

In addition, Abdulwahab Al-Dakar called for increasing the number of mosques, stressing that a large number of worshippers performs Jumaa prayers outside the mosques because they do not find any vacant place inside; and they suffer under the hot sun during summers and from cold weather during winters.

Also, Jamal Ra’aouf called for increasing the number of public and private schools as well as clinics, adding that the area suffers from huge traffic jam when the schools are open.



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