G20 Final Communique Urges More Cooperation To Shake Off Pandemic Gloom
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The leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies concurred that more cooperation is needed now than ever before after the coronavirus pandemic left economies and societies around the world in utter ruin.

No effort should be spared to “protect lives and provide support” particularly to the most vulnerable groups that have had to withstand the brunt of the pandemic, said the final communique of the Saudi-hosted virtual G20 summit.

“More cooperation is needed now more than ever in the face of existential challenges,” the statement said, highlighting the need to get battered economies “back on track.”

The post coronavirus world, it outlined a plan agreed on by G20 countries that would help shake off the damage caused by the pandemic and move towards tangible steps aiming to restore “well-balanced development” and growth.

The aforementioned plan would also entail measures that ensure better preparedness in the event another pandemic were to strike again, added the statement, which alluded to the increasingly significant role UN bodies have on the matter.

Development in the post-pandemic world encompasses such factors as infrastructure investment, better trade laws, and women’s empowerment, in addition to other issues running the gamut from sustainable energy to the tourism industry, the statement went on to say.



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