Four More Ambulances Have Been Pressed Into Service - MOH
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Assistant Undersecretary for Supportive Medical Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr Fawaz Al-Rifai, has announced that four more ambulances have been pressed into service – 3 in Al-Jahra and one in Kabad, as part of emergency medical management plans to cover all the accident prone areas which occur around the clock especially in remote and border areas, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Rifai told the daily the Farwaniya health area will see the opening or four rooms to be used by technicians and workers, in addition to storage and sterilization rooms.

Al-Rifai pointed out that the center will cover the areas in Kabad and camel stables, Sabah Al-Nasser until the second circle and Abdali and stressed on the importance of the center in dealing with traffic accidents without delay. He added, the next phase will witness the opening of a big ambulance center in the Jahra health area followed by a new ambulance center Umm Al-Aish.

He pointed out the center’s strength will consist of an ambulance unit and a team of 9 paramedics divided into 3 shifts with 3 medics working in each shift.

17 Jun, 2019 665
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