Foreign Labor Recruitment Is Subjected To Pam’s Conditions On Labor Law And Resolution

18 July 2019 Kuwait

Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmad Al-Mousa affirmed Tuesday that foreign labor recruitment is subjected to PAM’s conditions on labor law and resolution.

The authority issues work licenses and permits based on labor employers’ applications and in accordance with state labor regulations, Al-Mousa said in a press statement. Kuwait’s labor laws, in addition to the authority’s establishment order, give the state labor body the authority to recruit foreign workers based of labor employers’ applications, he added.

On recent media reports regarding recruitment of thousands of foreigners, all from a specific nationality, to work in Kuwait, Al-Mousa indicated that such information lacks accuracy, adding this number contradicts with PAM’s official statistics anyway.

The authority deals with submitted labor applications in accordance with regulations and conditions issued in that regard, he noted, adding it also responds to state bodies’ foreign workers recruitment applications to implement governmental projects.

Al-Mousa also said PAM commits to employers’ applications in accordance with the labor vacancy regulation, which imposed objective conditions irrespective to nationalities or number of workers.

According to Cabinet’s resolutions, the authority acts through coordinating with all labor bodies in the country to find appropriate solutions for Kuwait’s demographics, the senior official said, adding such a cooperation resulted recently in “positive” results. Meanwhile, Al-Mousa mentioned the minister of state for economic affairs has lately ordered to restructure the Supreme Committee for Studying and Dealing with Demographic Imbalance by resolution (2) of 2019, adding restoring demographics balance requires a public awareness, whether by labor employers or state bodies.

PAM is currently working on applying technical systems related to its Projects Department in order to determine the number of labor required to achieve state projects in conjunction with all their phases, and to avoid drawing risky estimations irrelevant with work reality, he said. The authority spares no effort in communicating with all labor bodies in Kuwait to provide data, Al-Mousa affirmed, reiterating keenness to communicate via its social media accounts as well.

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