Flu Shots To Start Next Week
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A new batch of seasonal influenza vaccines estimated at 50,000 doses were delivered to the Health centers in various areas, Al-Qabas daily reported, quoting informed sources in the Ministry of Health recently. After it was limited to some groups at the launch of the national vaccination campaign against winter diseases in mid-October, the campaign is expanded to ensure more people get access and are vaccinated against infectious respiratory diseases (seasonal influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia).

The sources added that each health center in the district received 10,000 doses of influenza vaccination, and instructions were issued to those designated health centers to start appointments for citizens (all ages), as well as non-Kuwaitis (50 years and over) to be vaccinated as a necessity starting next week.

The aim of this extensive campaign is to achieve community immunity against respiratory diseases, and combating winter viruses in general.

Vaccination Difficulties

The daily said, quoting sources that this month witnessed isolated difficulties related to pre-booking appointments to receive winter vaccinations. This is due to the great turnout this year compared to the same period of the past few years, which is mainly due to the increase in health awareness and the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. This also contributed to a large extent, to pressure on the website for setting appointments, and thus there was less availability of appointments available to citizens for most of November.

The Ministry is keen to vaccinate the largest possible number of citizens and expats against winter diseases, especially since some groups such as the elderly, and people with special needs, are at risk, which may lead to serious health complications if the influenza vaccines are not received, where one of the risks are pulmonary diseases.

Feasibility of vaccinations

The peak stage of influenza infection is likely to fall during December and January.  The ministry is ready to deal with any expected increase in the number of people infected with influenza or coronavirus, or both. Sources added that people who receive the influenza vaccine every year are far better protected than those who do not vaccinate, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic crisis (Covid-19). These vaccinations do not affect people who have recovered after being infected with the new coronavirus, they can take the vaccination after completing their recovery. There will also be no adverse reactions to the seasonal influenza vaccination taken in combination with the Covid-19 vaccination once it is introduced in the country late this year or early next year.



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