Flexible Billing And Payment Options For MEW Smart Meters
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In Farwaniya and Hawalli governorates, the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy said 102,000 Smart meters have been installed in businesses and residential areas. Work is on-going to install meters in private residences, starting next Sunday in what it called "new areas."

It was noted in a statement to a local Arabic daily that the Smart meters will allow the ministry's customer billing department greater flexibility, in addition to collecting its payments and preventing accumulated bills as in the past when the old meters were in use.

According to the MEW source, the Smart meters will enable consumers to pay for electricity usage in various ways, including online or via consumer affairs centers.

According to the sources, Smart meters will eliminate many of the negatives that have occurred in the past as a result of human intervention or error, since Smart meters are read electronically, as well as identifying malfunctions in the meter, if any, and tampering with it, as it sends a notification to the system and a specialized team will go to find the cause of the malfunction.

As part of a plan to replace all mechanical meters in the country with Smart meters, the ministry has started installing these meters in the investment and commercial sectors in the Farwaniya and Hawalli governorates, and stressed the importance of these meters for digital transformation and improving the quality of services provided to the public, in line with the development plans adopted by the state.

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