Fines To Be Imposed Only On Residency Visas Expired After Sept 1
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Expats whose residency permits had expired on or after September 1, 2020, will have to pay the usual fine of KD 2 per day to renew their visas, as the visa extension deadline granted till Nov 30, 2020, is not applicable to them under instructions from the concerned authority, Al-Anba daily reported. The Ministry of Interior allowed a grace extension period for visa renewals to be extended till Nov 30, 2020.

The daily said, quoting sources, expats with residency permit that expired from March until end of August 2020 can benefit from the Nov 30 deadline.

If an expat’s residency permit has expired from the beginning of September, they will have to pay a two dinar fine for each day they are staying in the country illegally, unless they renew  their visas at the Residence Affairs Department. There is no valid reason for those with expired residency permit after Sept 1, 2020 to fail to renew their visa especially as the Residence Affairs Departments began processing applications from the end of June 2020.

The daily reported that expats whose residency permits and visit visas expired before the end of August received an automatic extension until the end of November 2020. The daily said, quoting sources, these new instructions indicate no possibility for giving visitors and residency visa law violators a new deadline after the current deadline expires at the end of Nov 30.

Meanwhile, those expats stranded outside the country as they are in countries on the 34 country ban list will be allowed to remain outside the country for an additional period of 6 months given the circumstances, provided they hold a valid residence permit or their residence permit has been renewed online by their sponsor.


Source: Timeskuwait

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