Finding Kuwaiti Father Of A Child
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Hello. I have read several of your questions and haven’t seen my issue arise. Please help me. I am desperate.

My name is Alia Abdullah. In 2013 in Cleveland Ohio, USA, I began a relationship with a man who was on a Visa from Kuwait. We became very close living together. Well my father found out. And freaked, making me stop all contact because I found out I was pregnant. He sent me to Lebanon. Now I am back in the United States and I cannot find this man. He got married to a lady here a few years ago, then she said she stopped hearing from him and he may have been in some legal trouble in Kuwait.

My issue is, my daughter (that is the Kuwaiti’s daughter as well) has a serious genetic disorder. I need contact with his family for him to see if maybe they can help with a bone marrow match or if this condition is from their side. I am at a loss. I need to know what facilities that can help me contact him. His birthday is 11/23/83. I believe. Please help me!!!

Name withheld 
Answer: As you rightly said, you have read several of our questions and you haven’t seen your issue arise. This is correct because this column basically deals with labour issues that affect expatriate workers in Kuwait. This not with standings. We advise that you approach the Kuwait Embassy or any of its consulates in the US, provide details about the said Kuwaiti and we believe they may be of help to you. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour.

18 Jun, 2019 979
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