Filipina Domestic Helper Asks The Government To Stop Sending OFWs To Kuwait
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A Filipina domestic helper couldn’t seem to forget the encounter she had with her employer who m0lested her even though she was already repatriated back to the Philippines.

Rochelle, not her real name, couldn’t forget how her employer almost took advantage of her in Kuwait. Last year, she arrived in Kuwait but was shocked to know that she will be brought to another employer and not the one which is listed on her contract.

She filed a complaint on her Kuwaiti agency because her employer gives her a lot of work and the child of her employer treats her badly.

She was then transferred to another two employers but was taken back to the agency. On her 4th employer, her sufferings started.

“My employers have my passport and didn’t offer day offs,” says Rochelle.

The contract was also not followed. Her employer also tried to take her to the house of her mother but Rochelle refused. Because of this, her employer got angry.

As for her male employer, Rochelle suspected something worst.

“At first she touches me and asks if I’m okay. She touches my face then she took me to the 2nd floor of their house. She also lowered my uniform including my underwear. He also removed his clothes. He forced me to touch his privates,” Rochelle cries as she relates her experience.

This happened countless times even though another Filipina busted his wrongdoings.

Her female employer also refused to believe her. Rochelle wanted to return home but they asked for payment for the money they spent on her.

Rochelle was asked to pay KD1,600 before she can return back to the Philippines.

Rochelle asked the help of an OFW advocate through Facebook and it was then that the Philippine Embassy took charge to rescue her.

After two days, Rochelle was rescued and her employer covered the expenses for her plane ticket going back to the Philippines in exchange of her signature in an agreement stating that she will no longer file a case against her employer and Kuwaiti agency.

She is asking the Philippine government to stop sending OFWs to Kuwait because of her experience.

17 Jun, 2019 2524
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