Fifteen High School Students Cheat In Exams By Implanting Bug Devices In Ears
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Fifteen high school students underwent surgical operations in less than one month to remove small pieces which they planted in their ears to cheat in exams, reports

According to a report, the exam results for the students who received treatment were announced a few days ago. Over the past two years, hospitals dealt with around 100 cases of bug devices which got stuck in the ears of students, said Al-Qabas.

Some students manage to remove the small earpieces after finishing their exams, while others seek medical professional’s help after suffering complications.

Meanwhile, Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr Mutlaq Al-Saihan warned that inserting any device inside the ear may cause harmful complications such as ulcers, deep wounds, bleeding, ear infections and perforation of the tympanum.



24 Jan, 2020 343
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