Father Beats Up 2 Cops To Free His Son
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Police have taken into custody an unidentified person for assaulting two traffic policemen and freeing his son from inside the patrol.

This happened when the policemen on duty in Sabah Al-Salem saw a young man violating public morals and intentionally threw a cigarette butt at the police patrol.

The young man was stopped and when the men in uniform asked to see his ID, he refused and insulted the policemen and continued to threaten them, but he was controlled and put inside the patrol.

Minutes later, the offender’s father suddenly came and went to the patrol and forcefully freed his son after assaulting the two policemen and verbally abused them, drove off with his son after attempting to run over one of the policemen. The father and son have been arrested and referred for interrogation.



04 Jun, 2020 1013
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