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I would like to inquire about family visit visa for Bangladeshi. Is there still a ban for Bangladeshis family visit visa? or it is open if I meet the requirement and conditions for family visit visa. I have a valid Kuwait residency and my salary is KD 911/- in work permit. I would highly appreciate it for your kind legal advice.

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Answer: The truth of the matter is that Kuwaiti visas (any type) for Bangladeshis and nationals of five other countries are not banned but have some restrictions put on them and this requires applicants to have their applications vetted by the Ministry of the Interior before approval or rejection.

In a nutshell the status quo remains with regard to the issuance of visas to Bangladeshi nationals. The mantra has been and remains: No ban but restrictions on the issuance of visas to Bangladeshis. With this explanation, you can go ahead and put in your application for a family visit visa but be prepared to go through the process of MoI vetting and approval.



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