Family Court Obliged A Divorced Woman To Pay Compensation Worth Kd 5,001 To Her Former Husband For Denying Him The Right To See His Children

06 March 2017 Crime News

The Family Court obliged a divorced woman to pay compensation worth KD 5,001 to her former husband for denying him the right to see his children. Representing the man was Lawyer Mubarak Al Khashab who sued the woman on behalf of his client as a verdict had been issued to allow his client to see his children. Lawyer Al-Khashab presented documents that revealed about a number of instances when his client was denied the right to see his children. He explained that Article 196 of law No 51/1984 of personal status code guarantees the right of parents, as well as grandparents, to see their children, which cannot be denied by those with the custody of the children. Lawyer Al-Khashab also quoted the first paragraph of Article 227 of the civil law as per which all who commits an erroneous act that harms others are obliged to pay compensation to them, insisting that his client was affected physically and mentally by the act of his ex-wife in denying him the right to see his children.



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