Expats Have More Driving Licenses Than Kuwaitis
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The Traffic and Operations Sector in the Interior Ministry recently issued statistics on driving licenses and vehicles registered under the names of citizens and expatriates, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the statistics, the number of driving licenses issued to citizens reached 628,140 while that of expatriates totaled 762,105 (public and private).

Meanwhile, the number of vehicles registered under the names of citizens reached 1,071,766 while that of expatriates reached 665,893. Earlier, the ministry announced that the sector cancelled more than 538,000 driving licenses issued to expatriates; adding the number of driving licenses issued to citizens and expatriates through the automated system reached 1.36 million.

A security source disclosed the cancelled licenses were issued to deported expatriates, those who returned to their home countries for good and those who obtained the license illegally.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Interior announced recently that booking for driving license interview must be done through the ministry’s website – www. moi.gov.kw – starting from Sunday. In a press release, the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media of the ministry explained that the General Traffic Department will stop manual process of booking for driving license interviews in its departments in all governorates. The process must henceforth be conducted online. Necessary information of the applicant, who must meet all the requirements, must be entered, after which the date will be given.

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